Human Development Network – HDN

HDN is an independent consulting, communication and training office, whose core businesses are the services to the companies, the representation of NGOs, sustainable development projects management and promotion of youth entrepreneurship.

The organisation was established in late 2013 and its main objective is to support human development programs and actors in Algeria through capacity-building and sectoral analysis issues.

Thanks to its international network of field experts animated by the values of innovation, quality, integrity and performance; HDN offers a diverse range of services that cover a wide spectrum of needs for training / coaching, conducting studies and organizing scientific meetings and various events.

Month after month, the HDN firm has acquired expertise widely recognized which makes our company an excellent provider and a trusted partner, always close to its customers and to the development of its society.

Our contact:
HDN Algeria
28, Rue Idir Toumi
Ben Aknoun 16028
Algiers, Algeria
Cell: +213(0)550875950